Make custom ringtone for Motorola Cliq 2-add ringtone Cliq 2

The Motorola CLIQ 2 comes with dozens of pre-installed ringtones, some interesting, more are bored.  Here you can learn how to make custom ringtone for Motorola Cliq 2, at the end, you’ll be taught how to add/install ringtone on Motorola Cliq 2. Read more

How to make ringtone for HTC Thunderbolt-ringtone maker

Not interested in the pre-installed ringtone options, and perfer to make ringtone for HTC ThunderBolt from audio, video, even Youtube file? Luckily, it couldn’t be easier to use the specially designed HTC ThunderBolt Ringtone Maker to make rongtone for HTC ThunderBolt, HTC ThunderBolt S.  In this guide, we show you exactly how it’s done, plus we show you how to install/add ringtone to HTC ThunderBolt. Read more