How to use MirrorGo to record gameplay on Android phone?

Best Andorid phone gameplay reocrding experience with MirrorGo. MirrorGo lets gamers record and share high scores and other personal achievements.

What’s the easiest way to record gameplay on Android phones and share the recorded gameplay video on internet? Most Andorid game players show off their gaming achievements with a screenshot and a Twitter update, that’s old-fashion and not the best way to present details. Now, we are offering MirrorGo for Android users to record mobile gameple and screens for fully sharing their accomplishments.
Andorid gameplay recording program MirrorGo is a useful tool that could mirror your android phone screen to the computer. You can get all the notifications from the phones with the PC. You could use it to record phone screen, play phone games with mouse and transfer files.

Why you need MirrorGo?

Never Miss Your Phone
Your computer gets all the notifications you get on your phone such as messages, alerts, emails, reminders,etc.
No need to reach for your phone
You access your favorite messaging platform with PC such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Wechat, etc.
Immerse In The Battlefield
Redefine your mobile gaming experiencewith new weaponry
More things you can do: free file transfer, recording phone screen, screen capture, etc.

Whether you want to shoot a tutorial or a video of you playing Angry Birds or Fallout 4, you’d need to capture what happens on your screen in real time and up until now, this was a pretty daunting (read, almost impossible) inside Android. MirrorGo is now the best soultion to help record what happened in details.

How to use MirrorGo to record gameply on Android devices?

1. How to connect your Android phone with MirrorGo
For using the functionalities of the MirrorGo software, you need to connect your android smart phone with your personal computer. Once you have downloaded and installed the MirrorGo software on your PC, there are two methods to connect your mobile phone

USB Connection:

To use a USB cable to connect your mobile phone to PC. For USB connection, you need to enable USB Debugging on your android smart phone.
Once the USB Debugging is on, check for the MTP service on your phone. The connection between your smart phone and PC will be active now and Wondershare MirrorGo will automatically detect your android smart phone.

WiFi Connection:

The Wi-Fi connection is also available on MirrorGo, you just need to tap on the “Scan” button on the right top corner of the MirroGo app, then scan the QR-Code to establish connection between your phone and computer.

2. Play Android game on PC
Step1: After you connect your mobile phone to MirrorGo, the mobile phone interface will pop up on the PC. MirrorGo will maintain synchronization between the tasks performed on your PC and smart phone. For playing the game on your PC, what you need to do is to click on the icon of the game you want to play.
Step2: To use the keyboard of your PC directly to operate the Android mobile game.
3. Record mobile gameply with MirrorGo
while you are playing the game, you can now reocrd the gameplay by clicking the “Camera” icon. Eveything will be recorded now. You can also reply to the messages of social software and SMS quickly on PC Tansfer data like mp3 songs, videos, pictures from PC to your Android devices.


1). MirrorGo Top button: Click on the top right button icon, MirrorGo will be placed at the top of all the screens all the time.
2). Power-saving Mode: Your mobile phone will stay in the power saving mode when you use MirrorGo, which helps to alleviate heating issue.
3). Screen without lock: If you’re bored with unlocking the screen every time before opening MirrorGo, you could check this option which is more convenient.