GoPro Video Editor

As a custom-designed video editing software for Gopro, Gopro Video Editor has developed into a smoother, smarter, leaner program over years that can easily edit videos from Gopro family, HERO4 Black, HERO4 Silver, HERO4 Session, HERO3+ and HERO+ LCD. It’s been a place to experiment with easy editing, new video features, gimmicks, and simplified layouts to balance the needs of basic and intermediate users.

the Best full function Gopro Video Editor has remarkable advantages over Gopro Studio, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas

Small-sized gopro video editing program Gopro Vide Editor offers you best editing experience, faster, smaller and more powerful than other Windows based gopro editing program. Suitable for running on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 PC, this unparalleled Gopro Video Editor can be used on Gopro Hero4, Gopro HD Hero, Gopro 3D, Gopro 2.7K, HERO4 Black, HERO4 Silver, HERO4 Session, HERO3+ and HERO+ LCD and waterproof Gopro 4K Hero action camera. Free download gopro video editor to have hands-on experience to join parts of the video, mix different video projects into one, remove and cut frame by frame, replace music background, add multiple layers of sounds, make a decent HTML5 video for Youtube and convert GOPRO HERO Video to CD,DVD,Blu-ray.

What does Gopro Video Editor can do ?

As an idealest choice for gopro video editing, and the winner over Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, ADOBE Premiere, best GoPro Video Editor Windows 10 version flawlessly cut, stitch, crop, clip Gopro video, add MP3 background, text, subtitles, stunning effects(slow motion, fast motion, framerate downsize). Gopro Video Editor can also make 2-3 minutes length of customized video for Youtube, Instagram, Dropbox, Viemo and other video sharing websites.

Gopro Video Editor a great tool for sports fans, bike riders, surfers, boatmen, families, kids, budding filmmakers, and the occasional editor. The simple interface keeps things easy to read, fun to edit, and simple to share. Whether you are a basic, an intermediate or an advanced filmmaker looking to edit Gopro videos, it might be time to look at Gopro Video Editor.

GoPro Video Editor can convert Gopro video to MOV, MPG, MP4, FLV,3GP, MKV, CD, DVD, Youtube, Quicktime.MOV, M4V, ProRes, FCP X, iMovie formats without reducing gopro picture quality. GoPro Video Editor also helps you transfer gopro video to Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung, Amazon, HTC, PSP, xBox one, PS4 and more.

Mac OS X Gopro video editor for Mac OS X EL Capitan, Mac OS X Mavericks can be downloaded free onto Macbook Pro, iMac, Macbook Air, etc. Guide below is using Windows version.

How to Edit Gopro hero4 video in Windows 10 ?

Step 1: Free Download and install GoPro Video Editor


Click here to download it. After the download is finished, run the GoProVideo Editor.exefile and follow the installation wizard instructions.

Step 2: Launch GoPro Video Editor and load your video. run GoPro Video Editor. To create your new project you can load a desired video file using different sources:

  • Press Import Media Files to add media files stored on your computer HDD. In the opened Windows explorer window select the needed video file and click Open;
  • Press Capture from Camera to use video recordings captured from your camera. The AVS Video Recorder application will be launched to let you do it;
  • Press Capture Screen to use video recordings of your desktop. The AVS Screen Capture application will be launched to let you do it.

In any case your input video file will be placed into the Current Project folder of the Media Library and displayed in the Files and Effects Area. At this moment you’ll be asked if you want to set the aspect ratio for this project in accordance with the aspect of the first video or not.

Note!Note: it is recommended to set the aspect ratio for your project at the beginning of your work to avoid distortions of the output video. If you need to change the aspect ratio of the project, select the Aspect Ratio item in the Edit section of the Top Menu, then set an appropriate value.

If you want to load some more files to your current project use the Import, Capture or Screen Capture buttons of the Media Library.

To navigate between your media files loaded into the program use the folders on the left. You can also sort your media files using the category buttons located above the Files and Effects Area.

Step 3: Add your video to the Timeline To apply different effects to your video, place the movie to the Timeline area, first of all. If you import a new file to the program using the buttons from the Start Project page, this file will be added to the Timeline automatically. If you need to add several more files to the Timeline do it manually. Select your video in the Files and Effects Area and without releasing the left mouse button drag it to the very first row of the Timeline and only after that release the button to drop the video there:

Now all the preliminary actions are done and you can proceed to add transitions, apply different effects, lay text and other videos over the main ones, dub episodes and create DVDs with menus.


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