Gopro Hero4 Session Video to DVD Converter

How to Convert Gopro Hero4 Session Video to DVD?

There are moments that we desire to burn favourite Gopro video to DVD disc for sharing with other dear friends, the video from Gopro Hero4 Session could be a memory of an exciting trip, of a nature exploration or of a bike race. But with Gopro Cinema Studio, can we convert Gopro Hero4 Session Video to DVD ? The answer is no, however, we do have a way to make a DVD out of Gopro Hero 4 Session camcorder.

Gopro Hero4 Session Video to DVD Converter is an outstanding DVD burner software that helps you create a DVD disc from Gopro video AVI MOV MP4 format, with just a few mouse clicks, all the videos from Gopro Hero4 Session you wish to convert to DVD will be on DVD disc playable on any DVD players connnected to TV.

Gopro Hero4 Session video to DVD Creator has versatile full functional video editing capacity, so that you can do the clean-up before converting Gopro movies to DVD. You can edit video by cropping, trimming, and adjusting effect, adding background music, DVD tempaltes, texts, slow motion, fast foward, etc depending on your demands.

For so many features available, you can create personalized DVD Video from Gopro Hero4 Session. the free trial version to convert gopro hero4 session video to DVD is below. Grab a free download of Gopro Hero 4 Session video to DVD Maker now to your windows and have a nice DVD. If you need to convert Gopro Hero 4 video to DVD on a Mac like Mac OS X Maveriks or Yosemite, please check how to burn Gopro Hero 4 video to DVD on Mac.

How to convert burn Gopro Hero4 Session video to DVD

Step 1: Download and install Gopro Hero 4 Session video to DVD Converter
Step 2: Run and select your input video file
Step 3: Set up the conversion parameters
Step 4: Set up a proper video output file path
Step 5: Create a menu for your DVD
Step 6: Convert your DVD files
Step 7: Burn your resulting DVD onto a disc


How to burn gopro Hero4 Session video to DVD?

Step 1: Download, install and run Gopro HERO 4 video to DVD Converter

Step 2: Set up the conversion parameters
Click the To DVD button on the Formats tab of the Main Toolbar. In the list of video disc types (Profile field) select one of the preset profiles.


Step 3: Create a menu for your DVD
In case you convert your files into a DVD format, the program will let you create a DVD menu so that you could navigate through your disc easily using it. First of all you need to set the chapters of your DVD menu. To do it switch into the editing mode using the Edit button on the dslr to dvd Main Toolbar. In the opened window click the Chapters central button:

hero4 video to dvd maker windows 10

Place the mouse cursor within the Timeline where a chapter should start and click the Add Chapter button on the Timeline Toolbar.

If you want to delete some chapters select the necessary one clicking it with the mouse. Then use the Remove Chapter button at the Timeline Toolbar or right-click this chapter and select Remove Chapter from the express menu. To delete all chapters use the Remove All button.

After all the chapters are added click the Disc Menu central button to start editing your DVD Menu.

Select one of the Disc Menu Styles by double-clicking it or selecting the Apply Menu Style option from the right-click menu. Switch between the Main Page and the Chapters page in the Preview Area. To assign your own background pictures left-click the Working Areas (if they are available for the selected menu style) at the bottom of the Edit Input File(s) window, select the desired image or video file in the opened window and press the Open button.

hero4 video to dvd converter

Step 4: Convert your DVD files
After you have set up all the conversion parameters, hit the Convert Now! button to start dslr to dvd conversion.