Free VHS to DVD Converter

How to Convert VHS to DVD Free with Windows 7, Windows 8?

The best way to transfer VHS tape to DVD is to use Free VHS to DVD Converter to digitize VHS signal, copy every precious moment of your life to hard drive with Windows 7, Window 8, XP, Vista, and then burn VHS to DVD or Blu-ray.

Free VHS to DVD Converter can bypass copyright protection, and all you need to do is to plug your VCR outputs up to your computer and capture the video as a digital signal so you can then burn it to DVD or Blu-ray. If you need, Free VHS to DVD Converter, can convert VHS to MPEG-2, MOV, AVI, FLV, MP4 format for other project use.

You can also edit video before burning VHS to dvd, Free VHS to DVD Converter enables you to add audio file, text, menu,subtitles,etc. Converting VHS to DVD in Windows 8, Windows 7 is totally supported with VHS to DVD Converter Free download.

Step 1. Launch Free VHS to DVD Converter and select video format MPEG-2 (DEFAULT)

Step 2. Setup output folder


Step 3. Define video device input

Switch to the Settings tab. Drop down the Video Device Input control and choose either the Composite option in case your VHS player is connected to the capture device using an RCA input or the S-Video option if you preferred an S-Video jack:


Step 4: Start Capture
Press the Start capture button of Free VHS to DVD Converter and begin the VHS recorder/player tape playback. You can stop capture by pressing the Stop Capture button which will replace the Start Capture button immediately after clicking it:

transfer vhs to dvd free

Step 5: Convert video and burn it onto DVD
After having finished capture click the Convert icon in the Preview screen: