How to import Panasonic HX-A500 4k Ultra HD video to iMovie

Import 4K Ultra HD vdeo to iMovie Solution: Convert 4K HD video to iMovie Supported 1080P MP4,1080 MOV, 1080P DV, AIC, 1080P ProRes.

iMovie Won’t Import 4K Ultra HD Video Files Issues

1)I’ve been looking into adding the Panasonic HX-A500 into my collection. I want to be sure I can use the 4k video resolution in iMovie. Has anyone tested to see what if it works? Also, I’m not expecting to export to 1080p.
2)iMovie doesn’t import 4K video from my Gopro Hero 3, FCP X is too expensive, what are the easiest 4k hd video to imovie converter?
3)4K MP4, 4K MOV, 4K AVCHD can’t be import to iMovie on my Macbook Pro, what’ the solution here?
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m1v to imovie

Best way to import m1v to iMovie and FCP. The easiest is using m1v to iMovie converter.

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Convert and import AVCHD to iMovie 10 Mac OSX Mavericks

We’re having a look at the newest version of AVCHD to iMovie Converter Ultimate, which is being regared as the best avchd video editor and converter on Mac OSX Mavericks. Apple’s basic video editing software, that being OS X Mavericks’ own iMovie 10.0, still can’t import AVCHD file and edit. As being a consumer with iMovie for 16 years. I’d like to discussion how to import AVCHD to iMovie 10 on Mac OS X Mavericks.
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Import M2V to iMovie

This is a simple guide on how to import .m2v to iMovie for editing on Mac OS X. m2v to iMovie converter helps you import m2v file to iMovie best

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iMovie Imports/Loads Panasonic SDR-H100 MOD file

Whether your Mac (MacBook Pro, iMac) comes bundled with the iMovie that is in the current iLife application suite, in any case, the bundled app cannot deal with Panasonic SDR-H100 MOD or MOI file directly, not in the respect of playing with QuickTime nor editing with iMovie’11.

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JVC GZ-EX250 AVCHD to iMovie Import

What exciting news! JVC GZ-EX250 just outed the world ever first camcorder that use AVCHD format and offer Wi-Fi for e-mailing or transferring files. Then how to import avchd file from JVC GZ-EX250 to iMovie if you’d like to edit on a Mac? GZ-EX250 AVCHD to iMovie Import can help you.
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import Contour Roam video to iMovie

If you’re in the market for a handy, inexpensive camera that’ll record you and your friends partaking in extreme sports (or regular old sports), look no further than the Contour Roam. But, how to import Contour Roam video to iMovie on Mac OS X ?
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import Toshiba Camileo video to iMovie

How to import Toshiba Camileo video to iMovie for reading/importing/editing?

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import Gopro video to FCP X, FCE, iMovie

Gopro HD Hero 2, Gopro Hero and Gopro HD all record video in MP4 encoded in H.264, which should be a Mac friendly format and is supposed to be importable to iMovie, FCP X, FCE. Only to find out that you couldn’t? there are reasons but shouldn’t that hard to resolve.
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tivo to iMovie-How to import tivo to iMovie, edit Tivo with imovie?

if you have .tivo files and wish to import it to iMovie for editing or convert tivo to Mac format MOV, MPEG-4, H.264, MPEG-G, AVI, DVD, then you will need the following tool to convert tivo file to iMovie, tivo to FCE, tivo to MPEG, tivo to MOV so it will be playable on iMovie with Mac. Read more

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