Bluray ripper for os x Lion, rip bluray on Mac OS X lion

It’s strongly recommended to all Mac users to update to OS X Lion, which brings iCloud support and also includes Find My Mac and Back to My Mac features. The question is how do you rip Bluray disc in OS X lion since its huge update from its previous version.

Bluray Ripper for OS X Lion meets up OS X Lion system requirement on any level with powerful bluray disc ripping ability. With it, you can rip Bluray in OS X Lion without worrying about compatibilty issue and its self-explanatory interface facilites the process of Bluray ripping with Mac OS X Lion.

Bluray Ripper for OS X Lion can rip Blu-ray movie to popular useful file format like mov, avi, mpeg-2, vob, mkv, 3gp, mp4, wmv, mpg, mp3, wav, aiff, wma, etc with a few mouse clicks. You can select any favorite chapters of Blu ray movie for conversion using Bluray Edit function. on the other hand, you can join several favorite Bluray chapters into one file. Audio replacing, movie crop, join, cut, special effect setting, subtitle and audio track selection are available.

Best Mac OSX Lion Bluray Ripper equips with Bluray converter and Bluray editor function that not only rip, convert Bluray to any format, but also can edit, cut, split, add, combine videos in OS X lion.

Ripping Bluray on OS X lion for transferring Bluray movie to iPad, iPhone 4s, iTunes, FCE, FCP X and iMovie can all be achieved with this best OS x Lion Bluray ripper.

Note: if you use Windows operating system, please free download Bluray Ripper Windows 7

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Free download Bluray ripper for Mac os x Lion to convert, rip Bluray to Mac OS X lion now.

Step 1: Load Blu-ray movie.
In the first place, make sure your optical drive (either internal or external) can read Blu-ray disc. Put the Blu-Ray disc into BD-ROM, run Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper, and the main interface will pop up. Click on “BD/DVD Folder”, browse to target drive and click on “Choose”. The program will detect M2TS files automatically and import them to file list. Import the DVD in the same way. Clik “IFO file” and browse targert file if your source is DVD image file. Note: Blu-ray IFO/ ISO image file is not supported by the current version.


a. Title Mode
By default the files are listed in Title Mode, all the chapters are in numerical sequence for you to check individually. For checking the subordinate chapters of certain sequence, please click its plus sign. Generally, ‘Title001’ contains the main movie, and other Titles are commentary, menus, titles and ads. By default all the Titles are selected for editing and ripping. If you want to rip the main movie and nothing more, do uncheck other sequences. If you would like to retain everything in the Blu-ray disc, simply use the default settings. If you want to keep the movie in sections as it was made of, uncheck all the Titles and check all the subordinate Chapters.

Tip: A fast way to select the main movie is, right-click in file list field and choose ‘Uncheck All’ in shortcut menu and then check the main movie (longest m2ts file). To check all the chapters, simply choose ‘Check Titles’.


b. File Mode
Click ‘ViewMode’ if you’d like to switch to file mode. In File Mode the movie clips are listed as they are made of. And you can check and preview each chapter.


Tip: In File mode all the m2ts files in file list are checked by default. If you want to select but the main movie, a fast way is to right-click and choose ‘Uncheck All’ in shortcut menu and then check the main movie (longest m2ts file).

c. Quick Copy
To make a quick and full copy of the Blu-ray movie, you can click ‘Full Disk Copy’. In this way all contents in the Blu-ray disc will be copied to your hard drive, including the menus and titles. After the process completed, you may click ‘Open’ button to locate the Blu-ray directory. Open BDMV-> STREAM folder and you will find all the m2ts movie clips.

Step 2. Preview and Snapshoot
Double-click on a file to preview when you would like to preview it. You are allowed to take snapshots when previewing the movie. Simply click ‘Snapshoot’ button. To set image format, location and size of thumbnails, please click ‘Option’ menu. To locate the thumbnails, please click ‘Open folder’ button.

Step 3. Select Subtitle and Audio track
Right below the file list you could find ‘Subtitle’and ‘Audio’ drop-down list, where you may set subtitles and dubbings to the languages you like. Always select the title/ chapter before setting its subtitle and audio. In the preview window you can check the Subtitles and Audio track.

Note: By default no subtitle is selected. Some chapters have no subtitle or audio, in that case the Subtitle list will show ‘None’ only.

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